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Technical information and water-to-powder ratios. Density is a good indicator of impression capability and surface absorption, but the values are approximate and are dependent on the correct water:powder ratio and consistent mixing. Strength characteristics are typical 7-day values.
Casting Medium
(Water:powder ratio, by weight).
Density Yield Flexural
2 Hour Comp.
Set Time
at 18°C
Fine Casting Plus (70:100) 1125 kg/m³ 0.89 l/kg under 4 N/mm² 12 N/mm² 5 N/mm² 0.30% 20-25 mins
Artists' (65:100) 1175 kg/m³ 0.85 l/kg under 4 N/mm² 16 N/mm² 7 N/mm² 0.27% 20 mins
Keramicast (56:100) 1220 kg/m³ 0.80 l/kg 4 N/mm² 22 N/mm² 10 N/mm² 0.28% 8 mins
Dental SP (50:100) 1350 kg/m³ 0.75 l/kg 5 N/mm² 25 N/mm² 11 N/mm² 0.20% 12 mins
Herculite No.2 (42:100) 1650 kg/m³ 0.70 l/kg 5 N/mm² 31 N/mm² 14 N/mm² 0.60% 12 mins
Herculite LX (40:100) 1660 kg/m³ 0.68 l/kg 5 N/mm² 32 N/mm² 15 N/mm² 0.07% 30-35 mins
Crystacal R (35:100) 1670 kg/m³ 0.65 l/kg 6 N/mm² 44 N/mm² 20 N/mm² 0.55% 15 mins
Herculite Stone (33:100) 1750 kg/m³ 0.62 l/kg 6 N/mm² 45 N/mm² 20 N/mm² 0.35% 28 mins
Crystacast (28:100) 1850 kg/m³ 0.56 l/kg 7 N/mm² 55 N/mm² 26 N/mm² 0.50% 20 mins
Cassini's Outdoor* (30:100) 1610 kg/m³ 0.76 l/kg 21 N/mm²†† 43 N/mm² 9 N/mm² 0.10% 12-15 mins
‡Yield is the approximate volume of finished plaster-of-Paris work measured in litres for each kilogram of dry plaster powder used in the mix.
There is usually some latitude in the choice of plaster - both surface density and absorption can be adjusted with a small change to water content.
*Cassini's plaster is unsuitable for metal-casting. †Cassini's has very high flexural strength and is ideal where the inclusion of reinforcement is difficult.
Poor quality moulds are usually the result of incorrect curing and premature separation from the prototype/master. Poor quality plaster casts are usually the result of using moulds which are not completely clean/dry, and premature demoulding - allow at least double the stated set-time for intricate or undercut work.