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waterproof plaster cast, models.. high pH environments.. impervious or porous backgrounds.. most economical coating.. powder admix.. for drinking water.. bituminous paint.. varnish wood floors.. and paint the area... silicone injection.. plaster admix, waterproofing plaster.. fast-curing resin waterproof.. gypsum or casting plaster, .. the cheapest waterproof lining.. and applied liners; spalling paint.. polymeric formulation.. cistern and tank lining ... internal and external waterproof rendering... one coat, ideal for alkaline and acidic conditions...waterproof plaster of paris.. suitable for concrete brickwork, blockwork, all masonry, statuary... high chemical resistance.. ideal for waterproofing plaster.. and rigid timber structures... porous substrate... €3.50/kg... waterproof finishing coat.. waterproofing basements and cellars.. single component resin.. marine situations.. eliminates dampness and moisture.. structural damp-proofing.. than bitumen and asphalt.. to waterproof plaster.. more economic and greater penetration than two part resin systems.. wash tools, etc. with water.. non-toxic lining... resin tanking system, dustproofing and floor sealing... . liquid finish on wet walls and floors.. prevent water seepage, leakage..non-rubber membranes.. Water-based resin and powder resins. Resin powders for fibreglass.. powdered resins
stonework, floor sealing and varnish.. lower ground floor moisture.. far easier than asphalt or bitumen treatments.. timber decay, strengthening and stabilizing.. waterproof plaster splashbacks, bath tiling.. just mix Maragite powder with water.. against silicone injection, porosity.. aquariums and fish ponds.. applied to damp walls.. pre-catalysed polymer resin system.. non-toxic; damp proof, one-shot resin formulation.. fast-curing resin bonding and coating, more ecomomic.. all-in-one resin sealing.. dpc treatment, rising damp prevention... cheap solution.. dpm resinous application,.. basement damp proofing.. Dry rot, wet rot, fungus and moulds,.. waterproofing cellars..
internal and external walls,.. swimming pool and pond finish.. damp proof membrane problems associated with old brickwork, the d.p.c. or d.p.m. is faulty.. admixtures in concrete.. with resin, better penetration and control.. often drainage or plumbing faults. Casting Plaster/Plaster-Of-Paris/Waterproof Plasters   Waterproof Casting Plaster/Plaster-Of-Paris   commodity trading   Aquarium   bat detector & ultrasonic echo location   ultrasound   Agency   Marine   Technical   One Part Resin Adhesive
resinous polymer... epoxy coating.. cheapest polymer.. salinity, acid or alkali affected,.. salts efflorescence.. nitrates phosphates or sulphates...non-toxic sealer.. hard-wearing floor finish.. waterproofing and damp-proof membranes for cellars.. damp walls.. ponds, pools and basement.. tanking... single coat binder will seal.. Products include bituminous roofing, breather membranes, non-breather.. single ply vapour control layers, underlays and cavity flashings Liquid Waterproofing
'Free' damp proof surveys Some unscrupulous traders approach homeowners with an offer of a 'free' damp proof survey on their property, claiming that a problem with damp.. - A Complete Solution To Damp ProblemAn award winning environmentally friendly system for dampproofing. Damp proofing, woodworm, dry rot, tanking systems and remedial timber treatment specialists. specialists in damp proofing and ...Suppliers of Vandex and Oldroyd waterproofing systems, Dryzone damp-proofing cream, and ProBor timber treatments. Structural Waterproofing & Remodeling Solutions – Flooded Basement ...... waterproofing products system for flooded basement, damp proofing basement, basement remodeling or conversions and waterproofing contractor solutions. Building design damp proof membranes damp proofing ...damp proof membranes damp proofing Product compatibility: Dow Corning, Dulux, Everbuild Resintite, Fullstop, Grangers, Henkel, Humbrol Extramite Cascamite, Rentokil, Remmers, Ronacrete, Ruberoid, S B P, Sika, Sovereign Chemical, Tremco, Triton Chemical, Vandex, Visqueen
Waterproofing on basement walls.. waterproof plaster.. prevention, resistance to water and vapour.. damp proofing in basements, walls & floors.. rising damp, wet walls, brickwork or concrete.. painted surfaces spalling.. one part resin, greater fluidity and penetrating.. one shot resin powder and water, even unstable substrates, under the vapour membrane... dramatically increases the plaster's flexural and tensile strength.. basement waterproofing... Water-based resin and powder resins. Resin powders for fibreglass.. powdered resins Building design damp proof course dpc damp proof membranes dpmdamp proof course dpc damp proof membranes dpm - Building design. Dryzone® damp-proofing cream. The full-strength treatment for ...Dryzone damp-proofing cream is introduced into holes drilled into the mortar course by means of a simple applicator gun. Once installed, it diffuses before ... service for treating rising damp, woodworm & dry/wet rot covering all areas of the UK. A Complete Solution To Damp ProblemDo you need damp proofing work doing on your property or are you suffering from condensation and mould? Textured wall coatings, exterior brickwork problems ... are damp proofing specialists- protection from penetrating damp, damp treatment, brickwork repairs, ... Damp Proofing Company UK - Directory of UK Damp Proofing Companies Find Damp Proofing Companies in the FreeIndex UK business directory. If you're a UK Damp Proofing Company, Floor damp proofing flooring Adhesive is a solvent and water free component epoxy resin for damp-proofing cementitious subfloors prior to installing timber flooring. Damp Proofing Contractors, Gloucestershire :: Thomson Local ...Directory of Damp Proofing Contractors in Gloucestershire. Find websites and contact details for companies in your area with Trading Standards warn of damp proof British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association Premier trade body for British timber and building preservation industry. Damp, timber decay, fire protection. Information on members and their services Rising Damp - Whilst injected chemical damp-proof courses may provide useful short to medium .... 'Chemical damp-proofing' may provide a useful barrier to damp Damp Proof Courses & RepairsHow to repair a damp proof course. Repairing a damp proof course. Dealing With Rising Damp UK : Diy Hints, Tips & Advice : Diy Doctor Any masonry structure unprotected by a properly installed damp proof course ... Electro osmotic damp proofing, if expertly installed in basements and cellars.. eliminates groundwater.. waterproof emulsions... cleanable semi-gloss finish... fast-setting timber adhesive, marine.. over-painted, waterproof and decorative... clear or opaque damp-proofing.. Damp-proofing Walls Rainwater heads and downpipes.. waterproof, damp-proof sealer for tanking... seawater.. One Shot Resin Sealer water sealant, paint and wood varnish... liner.. for lining aquariums.. basement rising damp... internal or external surfaces.. floor lacquer, timber.. fish tank £4/kg €6/kg mail order rock... ph, alkaline or acidic.. maragoncurrent
Use either of the right-hand columns to see how much Maragite is required, in kilograms. (A comprehensive application guide is included with each pack). Maragite can be applied with a paintbrush, or a soft broom on large areas, and the dilution can be adjusted to cope with porous, unstable
or uneven surfaces. Maragite begins to cure at about 18 minutes, but brushes, etc., can be washed clean in water for a further 5 - 7 minutes.
Surface Type Requiring Sealing
(Allow extra for irregular or profiled areas)
Usage Rate
kg of Maragite per
Equivalent Coverage
per kg of Maragite
Plasterwork (behind splashbacks, shower tiling, etc.) Smooth Concrete 0.11 kg 9 m²
Stonework & Flush-pointed Brickwork 0.14 kg 7 m²
Painted Walls (allow extra for uneven areas) 0.08 - 0.09 kg 12 - 13 m²
Porous Blockwork (AAC or 'breeze' blocks) 0.20 - 0.25 kg 4 - 5 m²
Rising Damp/Damp Plaster/Spalled Brickwork (see topic below) 0.12 - 0.16 kg 6 - 8 m²
Concrete Floors, Brick & Stone Paving (i.e. foot traffic/live loads) 0.15 - 0.18 kg 5.5 - 6.5 m²
Membrane on Smooth Concrete (before screeding); Pond Lining 0.14 - 0.17 kg 6 - 7 m²
Dust-Sealing - Screeded Floors etc. 0.06 kg 17 m²
Timber including Wood Flooring (sealing, varnishing, etc.) 0.11 - 0.14 kg 7 - 9 m²
Rising Damp The table gives typical coverages but the capillary pressure causing the problem, type of surface, stability of the substrate, temperature, humidity, etc., all have an effect; Maragite can be used to seal walls and floors where the surface is still quite damp. Always extend treatment 300 - 400mm above/beyond the problem area.
When using Maragite as a membrane (e.g. under floor tiles or paving), or as a lining in ponds, cisterns or sumps, always apply an extra coat at vulnerable points - external angles, outlets, etc.
Statuary/Masonry Maragite can be used to stabilise and strengthen the surface of external stonework and masonry. Because of the possibility of trapping inherent moisture which may freeze in winter and cause spalling or bursting, complete sealing of outdoor stonework and statuary should generally be avoided; the application should not be so dense that it detracts from appearance, or value.
Mortar Repairs A weak mix of Maragite can be used to stengthen, stabilise and greatly extend the life of lime-mortar joints in brick or stone walls, etc. Coverage depends on joint size and interval and the condition of the mortar, but 1kg of Maragite is normally sufficient to treat 12 - 15m² of brickwork in older walls. The work must be done in dry weather.
Always dry surfaces as well as possible; loose or flaky material should be removed with a stiff brush, etc., followed by thorough vacuum cleaning.
All packs include full instructions & guidance notes.

This check list will help to identify the source of any moisture problems in basements, cellars and ground floors. Where relevant or possible, find out what problems are being experienced in adjoining or nearby buildings. Ascertaining where the moisture emerges first (or appears to get worse first) and when it appears, particularly in relation to season, recent rainfall and household activities, will narrow down the possible causes of a temporary or intermittent problem. Year-round moisture is more likely to be associated with rising damp, or below-ground drainage problems.
Source of Problem
Symptom Possible Causes
External Pressure Occasional flooding, worse after heavy rain. High water table; heavy rainfall; local flooding, e.g. in street; mains fracture; adjoining property may be source!
Rising Damp Peeling paintwork; efflorescence; soft, crumbly plaster; mould. Failed damp proof course or membrane, etc. Porous brickwork. Capillarity can cause moisture to travel up walls more than 2 metres above local ground level.
Building Envelope During rainfall, water running down walls or drips from ceiling. Faulty flashings or roof coverings (Leaks in flat roofs often result in water running down the chimney breast because the water travels within the layers, etc.). Cracks in walls or floors; faulty window openings, etc.
Drainage Occasional flooding/puddles, only affecting floor and parts of wall. Blocked or missing gutters/downpipes; blocked or faulty drains, manholes, etc.
Plumbing Occasional flooding, starting from one point, not associated with rain. Leaking pipework or fittings, laundry equipment, etc.
Condensation Generally damp floor, walls; droplets on ceiling; mould. Warm, damp air against cold surfaces; poor air circulation; proximity of furniture to walls; high humidity - possibly also due to any of the reasons above.
Good air circulation will always help to reduce the effects of dampness. Besides obvious wet areas, mould and even flooding, water ingress may manifest itself as decaying or rotten timber, and spalling of wall finishes - due to the salts (phosphates, nitrates and sulphates) in old brickwork, etc.

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