Semforite is a concentrated powdered wood glue based on urea-formaldehyde resins. Semforite is easily mixed with water and once dry, forms a bond stronger ... Weldwood Powdered Wood Glue Tan Ureaformaldehyde wood glue activated by mixing with water. Forms a bond stronger than the wood itself. Meets Federal Specification MMM-A-188B, Type II. A powdered, urea formaldehyde wood glue activated by mixing with water. Forms a bond stronger than the wood itself. Mets Fed. Spec. A-A-3052. Low VOC. Wood glue is an adhesive used to tightly bond pieces of wood together. ... It must be mixed before use (liquid resin and powdered catalyst).

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Product Description The product is an easy-to-use, powder adhesive that is simply mixed with water and then applied as a standard adhesive. Unlike PVA and water-based glues, the chemical composition is altered by the addition of water to form an irreversible resin (one that resists chemical attack). Its basic formulation is a pre-catalysed condensate of urea formaldehyde with modifiers to enhance strength, water- and mould resistance. Its tensile and shear strength is greater than the timber substrate. The adhesive dries clear with no staining or discoloration on any timber type.
Applications These adhesives are ideal for all manufactured and composite timber including plywood/laminated boarding, particle boarding, MDF, HDF, veneering, either by hot or cold pressing, solid wood flooring etc, and for all internal and external joinery work - from cabinet-making to boat-building.
Timber Preparation The preparation requirements are identical to other wood glues - ideally the moisture content should be below 12%. The wood surfaces should be flat and smooth, with all knots stopped and no contamination from oil or other materials, etc.
Manual Mixing Dissolve the resin powder using a ratio of between 50:100 and 75:100 , water:powder by weight. Pour about 2/3 of the required water into a suitable pot or container using a table knife or mixing stick (avoid using spoons - they clog). Add all the powder and gently stir the mixture until a uniform paste is achieved (making sure there is no clumping at the bottom of the container) then stir in the remaining water.
Mechanical Mixing Dissolve the resin powder using a ratio of approx 60:100, water:powder by weight. Pour about 2/3 of the required water into the mixer and switch on the mixer. Add all the powder gently into the running mixer. When a consistent solution is achieved, add the remaining water.
Working Time Typical working time of the mixed glue is 1 hour at 20°C and 2 hours at 15°C. Mixers, reusable containers and utensils should be cleaned with warm water as soon as the mix begins to lose fluidity. Keep joints under pressure or clamped until the glue has set (approx. 4 hours at 20 C).
Storage The powdered resin should be stored in a cool, dry place. Care should be taken that the powder does not absorb moisture and water, in order to avoid agglomeration and deterioration. In ideal conditions, the shelf life should be several years but it is worth noting that one of the main causes of deterioration in powdered products is condensation within the packaging - so all containers should be stored at a constant temperature, away from outside walls and off concrete ground floors, etc.
Handling & Transport This product is non-hazardous. The small amount of free formaldehyde in the powder may cause minor irritation if in contact with very sensitive skin. Hands should be washed with soap and hot water after the working day. A dust mask should be worn when emptying bags, etc. A suction hood is needed during hot press and in any large scale mixing, draughty conditions etc. It should be kept away from rain, heat and sunshine during transportation. Please note that depending on destination and method of postage we may use alternative packaging to that illustrated to avoid damage in transit, etc. but packages are always double sealed.
Performance Standards This product may be used internally or externally and is water-resistant to at least BS EN204 D3 (test methods BS EN205 2016) and also conforms to BS EN301 2023 A3 (test method BS EN302-1 2023) and water-resistant when tested against DIN Spec. 68602/3 Section B3.

How Much Powder? As an illustration, it takes about half-a-cup of water for each cup of the loosened powder to make a little over one full cup of glue, and a kilo of powder will make around 1.5 litres of glue paste, but dilution can be varied to suit the application, type of timber, etc. For consistent results - and because of possible settlement of the powder during storage - water and powder should be weighed out each time.

Delivery & Packaging   We may use alternative packaging to the tub or container illustrated, both to avoid damage in transit and to ensure that the package will pass through a standard letter box if sent by post, etc., but packages are always double-sealed in polythene and completely waterproof.

Delivery is usually the next working day for most of the UK, but please allow an extra day for remote area and larger orders.
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